VOL.1, NO. 3

Architects today need to concern themselves with the environment, occupant needs, and government regulations. This is particularly true in elderly housing. Elderly housing provides several living environments. They range from low level dependence to complete care. CFM formulates programs dealing with these unique requirements. REDBUD and BETHEL MANOR communities were designed for low income, self dependent residents. One hundred percent occupancy is typical in a CFH designed community. This is not true with all elderly complexes. CFH studies trends. Today's trends Indicate the growing need for understanding the unique building requirements for the elderly. Advanced age reveals physical. mental, social, occupational and psychological changes. CFH understands these changes. They know they can make a difference. CFH can improve the resident's sense of orientation through incorporating color. When they designed BETHEL MANOR in Sapulpa they featured bright colors.
Visually impaired elderly see things in shades of gray. An emphasis on bright colors helps color definition. One floor level or floor wing is then easily distinguished from another. CFH continually tries to enhance resident's comfort. One way they recommend is carpeting. A level loop tight weave carpet is best. By installing carpeting residents with Grab bars in the bath area and lever design door handles were two such items. Both allow more personal freedom. CFH can make a difference operating within limited budgets and extensive restrictions. Inexpensive housing does not have to be dismal and unlivable. For example, REDBUD in Oaks has 24 single-story units. Livable space is 540 square feet. This space must include, bedroom, bath, kitchen areas and closets. CFH was able to design the complex within budget and include the specific physical design features. STRAWBERRY FIELDS in Mustang was built at a time when regulations permitted more de- sign flexibility. From application to completed construction took about two years. The 65 unit community was designed in an L shape. Livable space was expanded to 660 square feet. They were able to add a laundromat. library and beauty shop. CFH made a difference in the design and in enhancing the social well being of elderly residents. Once again, when it absolutely, positively has to be done right CFH can make a difference.
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walkers decrease their chances of slipping on rugs. In addition, wheel chairs glide with less resistance. Carpeting also provides warmth in the winter, reduces glare and muffles sound. This simple amenity helps the resident live a more self sufficient life. BETHEL MANOR required physically handicapped design features to comply with government regulations.

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