VOL.2, NO.4

The past year has been a year of change. We have adapted to new laws which affected both building owners and Architects. We have explored building designs that help the aging transition. We have made internal adjustments and additions. We have examined the general state of housing for the elderly. Some of those changes have included CFH projects in the following areas:

CONGREGATE ELDERLY HOUSING. Our current project will be the largest such facility in the state de- signed under the Farmers Home Administration. It will be located in Wagoner. Oklahoma. The Farmers Home Administration has recognized the need for better elderly housing concepts. FHA is heavily involved with social programs in congregate facilities in rural Oklahoma. Their aim is to offer an environment that supports the residents and their individual needs.

RENOVATION. HUD's Comprehensive Improvement and Modernization Program for local housing authorities has funded several renovation projects. This program allows for the update of existing housing units to conditions suitable for use for the next twenty years. CFH must analyze existing conditions. design
improvement programs that add amenities and/or functional areas for the benefit of the Owner. Work completed include Atoka. Wetumka. Drumright and Ponca City. In addition similar projects will begin soon in Newkirk. Wetumka, Holdenville and Atoka.

CHALLENGING LAWS. In July of 1990 the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed. This Act in concert with previous Fair Housing regulations have mandatorily required building
allowed CFH partners greater capability in their projects.This feature will be used extensively in the next year on several projects for added clarity and organization.

THE FUTURE. Chase Fetters Hewitt - Architects has been selected to design and inspect the construction of a new 130 unit elderly retirement center in Oklahoma. This development will be the first such facility in Oklahoma in quite some time. This private development is intended to provide a total retirement center and is located on a golf course. The design will include full security. activity and dining areas. It will offer efficiency, one and two bedroom units in a variety of plans. One wing will be occupied by an assisted care living center. A large community center will offer a variety of services, programs, meeting rooms and professional management. If the work load at CFH is an indication of Oklahoma's future, then the upcoming year is definitely on the upswing. The partners at Chase Fetters Hewitt Architects wish to In total, 1991 looks very bright. Thank You for sharing 1990 with them. We sincerely hope your new year prospects look bright and we look forward to stepping into 1991 with you. Because when it absolutely, positively has to be done right. CFH works for you.
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Owners to provide accommodations for people with a variety of disabilities and handicaps. CFH has been making these provisions long before the passage of this law. Bartlett Homes and Bethel Manor are two elderly housing projects incorporating such requirements.

CADD ACQUISITION. The addition of a computer-aided design and drafting system has

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