VOL. 1, NO. 4

RENOVATION PROJECTS GROW: The field of building renovation is growing. In 1988 about 17% of all construction projects were in the renovation field. Currently 60% of the existing building inventory is more than 18 years old. Most of these structures are worthy of renovating or restoring.

WHEN TO RENOVATE: Several factors must be reviewed in deciding whether or not to renovate. It may be necessary to update a building for life safety codes or stabilizing structural deficiencies. Weatherproofing for energy conservation or modernization of antiquated systems may be in order. Often rehabilitation and remodeling of basic maintenance operations is sufficient. Or renovation may simply be for pure aesthetic appeal. The key is to determine the economic feasibility of a project. The partners at CFH Architects work with the building Owners to examine the financial side of the project.
We will also consider and analyze a building's historical significance and architectural prominence. We look at other aesthetic values which make the building unique and worthy of restoration. Not all renovation is advisable. Sometimes, the best alternative just may be to demolish and start anew. That is where CFH can help determine a project's direction. Renovation forces an architect to pay close attention to details. The successful renovation will blend the function and design together to work as one. CFH focuses on making that combination work for the intended user. CFH CAN HELP: Whatever the renovation need. CFH can achieve the desired results. We have a track record for consistently providing client satisfaction. This fact Is evidenced by the restoration of 28 City of Tulsa fire stations. Our renovation background also includes commercial and multifamily residential buildings. We have maintained a three year term contract with the United States Postal Service on several facilities. CFH has modernized 194 HUD elderly housing units, in- eluding current projects for the Atoka and Ponca City Housing Authorities. The diverse background in renovation demonstrates our interest and ability in renovation projects. When you need a thorough renovation design effort, place your confidence in the partners at CFH. We know, when it absolutely, positively has to be done right. you can count on CFH.
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RENOVATION AND DESIGN: CFH Architects realize that good design is more than creating an attractive shell. Renovation de- sign requires a sensitivity to the existing building design and an emphasis on the building systems and functions. An existing project may look good and yet not necessarily work or function properly. The architect must consider the functional aspects within the existing framework of a project.

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