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When McDonnell Douglas needed an architectural firm to complete plans for an expansion project with pre-defined parameters on a tight schedule, they chose Chase Fetters Hewitt. It was a wise choice because of CFH's reputation that when it absolutely. positively has to be done right. they are the firm for the job. when Mike Chase, Gary Fetters, and Alan Hewitt founded their firm eight years ago they determined that they would do projects right, be accurate, on schedule and within budget. CFH refuses to do half a job and has turned down opportunities when the client's expectations were unrealistic. Not long ago CFH was retained to analyze a roofing project in Norman. Their client expected a two or three page report. He was surprised when he not only got his two page summary but also received 65 pages of data in support of that summary. Recently another Tulsa architectural firm was having trouble completing a project so they retained Chase Fetters Hewitt to finish the work. When it absolutely,
positively must be done right then CFH is the firm. Clients with projects supported through government programs know that CFH understands the detailed specifications required to 'fleet the criteria. CFH's under standing is so complete that HUD has retained them to inspect projects built by others. One government official commented that CFH saves client's time because they achieve the maximum use ofsquare footage for the least investment. CFH's record in rehabilitation projects is well established. They are consistently asked to submit proposals on government sponsored rehabilitation projects in northeastern Oklahoma. And their reputation for outstanding work in this area is spreading through out the region illustrated by a recent request from Lawton for a proposal. Chase Fetters Hewitt is now expanding on the experience they have acquired through tightly budgeted and narrowly defined government projects in elderly housing. Recognizing the need for creative yet economical projects in this growing market. CFH is making a special effort to deepen their already vast field of knowledge. If your project requires the work of a disciplined architectural firm that will deliver accurate work on time and within budget the record shows that CFH can do it. If you require the specialized skills associated with elderly housing then Chase Fetters Hewitt is again an excellent choice. For when it absolutely, positively has to be done right, CFH is the firm.
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design within the specifications whereas many architectural firms attempt to change the government requirements and end up having to redesign the project. Many government projects are now requiring rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and restoration work require skills and talents in estimating and designing to

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