PROJECT TYPES: Multifamily

Chase Fetters Hewitt - Architects has completed a great many projects in the field of Multifamily Housing. The firm has completed several projects dealing with the construction of new projects developed to meet the Owner's budgets and program criteria. Recent multifamily projects have been completed in Jenks and Wagoner, Oklahoma, and Fort Scott, Kansas. Upcoming projects are located in Wheeler, Texas, and Alva, Oklahoma.

The Alva project is to be featured in this Internet site. This project started construction in August 1997. Because many potential clients and Owners are not familiar with the construction process, we are going to feature this project in its own section of our Internet site to show the various stages and events as they happen during this project. Refer to Project Photos for a continuation of the life and times of this project. In the meantime, please consider this area of our site as "Under Construction". We hope to be able to update this site on a bimonthly basis.